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Workshop Inner Child

If someone were to ask you to describe your mother, what might you say? 
“She is always worried.”
Maybe you feel absorbed by anxiety, ever since you were a child? 
Now you are constantly suffering from the immune system & digestive issues and cannot understand the cause. 

“Her priority was her boyfriend!” 
Do you believe it is difficult to be loved? Do you question why you always feel heart-broken?

“ She was so brave because she worked herself to the bone in order to take care of us.”
Life feels like a constant struggle and it seems the only way we can deserve happiness & abundance is by burning ourselves out. 
By asking yourself how the archetype of the mother manifests in you, we begin to see the patterns of thought that makes up your behavioural “software”.

Mutsumi will lead the workshop using memory therapy to ask the real questions that will help unlock your default programme. The burden of this paradigm will be released when we find ways to whisper to the inner child in you. 
A powerful healing workshop that will help you shift into a state of kindness and happiness!

Whisper to your inner child  
40£ or 45euro or 50USD per person  or equivalent 
maximum 30 pax for 2hour and 30 mins

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