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Develop your intuitive mind and heal yourself 

With our western style Cartesian education, we believe everything is separated.


Our focus of the education was based on material gain.


We forget how to connect with nature. We forget everything is connected. We came from only one source and we can connect this source field and download infinite information and energy.

In this workshop, we will use water, flowers, colour, sound, objects….etc 

We can also learn from the golden ratio, Fibonacci  from natural elements to invoke our thought.

This workshop will be packed with series of interactive games. 

From other participants comments, you will understand and realise that everyone inside the workshop actually can be connected as one.


We can go back to the past and predict the future from your subconscious mind. 

Like the trees in the forest, their roots are connected with other species and the birds and insects and even microbes together is emitting a powerful network.

You can also learn that time and spaces are not linear. 


By projecting your mind to a well-being Placebo reality can heal yourself easily from chronic pain…etc. 

One day workshop 
Develop your intuitive mind and heal yourself 
60 mins  -  £120 or 140 euros or $150 USD

From 10:00 am to 5 Pm  maximum 30 pax 

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