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Mutsumi's work has helped people worldwide

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The most incredible 3 days of my life

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If you want to radically shift your life into a better place while experiencing a heavenly setting, with divine facilitators and incredible cuisine then look no further. I booked this retreat which was a complete leap of faith and all of my expectations where hugely surpassed. It’s hard to describe the magic of this place and what we experienced. Basically Mutsumi, who is the most loving, incredible healer tailored a unique few days of healing, love and laughter specific to our requirements. By the end of the three days we felt invigourated, transformed, released, renewed and left with incredible peace and happiness in our hearts. I loved, laughed, cried and made the most wonderful friendships I could wish for. Book a retreat, I promise you it will be one of the best things you will ever do.

October 2019

Vicky B.

New Zealand

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Great retreat at Villa du Lac with Mutsumi

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I was planing on doing a memory therapy session with Mutsumi in Bangkok but finally enrolled on the 2 days workshop in Hua hin at Villa Du Lac. Amazing place very good energies around.
One of the many workshop was a water therapy where we tried to get rid of some of our biggest fears and was pretty intense for me as it hits some past life death and fear of death , in the water with Mustsumi’s guidance we try to get rid of it, I was shaking and trembling from energy movement from the spine and head, for a good 15 min, impressive and efficient 
Mutsumi is a very nice person and will definitely come back to see her next time I am in Bangkok !

August 2019


Lyon, France

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Mutsumi's Memory Therapy

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I would highly recommend Mutsumi. She has a patient-centered, caring and wholistic practice. I hope others are fortunate enough to experience memory therapy with Mutsumi.

November 2018


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Very powerful experience

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 18.21.05.png

I had one session of memory therapy. I didn't have prior experience with this or much other energy work, but I was intrigued by the description on the website. It was an incredibly intimate, moving, and powerful experience. After my session not only do I feel like I've release some old trauma, but the results have manifested in my physical body - my hip pain is gone! I've also had some really beautiful childhood memories, and it has helped me get clarity on what I want to do with myself in the immediate future. All of these benefits were unexpected (I didn't go in with many expectations). The day after my session I woke up with more energy than I've had in ages. I very much recommend a session of memory therapy with Mutsumi.

24th June 2019

Arianna Jimenez

Los Angeles, California

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Deep healing with Mutsumi

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I received Mitsumi's private healing while she was visiting Sydney, Australia. It was a beautiful sunny day as we sat on the grass in front of Clovelly beach. The sounds of ocean soon dispersed as Mutsumi touched my head, taking me to a peaceful state. Mutsumi untangled many of the events of my past which had been the cause of my emotional and physical unbalance in the present. Mutsumi is noramally based in Omroom, Bangkok. Make sure you visit if you are in Bangkok and on the path of personal healing.

12 Dec 2015

Masako P

Sydney Australia

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More than words can ever express

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If you are in any way a spiritual person with a sensitive mind and you are open to new people who will inspire like you have never been inspired before, do take this journey for yourself! 

I have been battling with long term fear, anxiety, stress and lack of emotional calmness. I have been in Thailand for business and decided to find something different to spend my weekend on. I came across Omroom and saw people talk about a retreat at Villa du Lac (Hua Hin area). I booked straight away with Mutsumi and felt a complete security about the journey I was about to take - it was meant to be. 

I spend my weekend in the most magical place of Villa du Lac - 3 hours car ride from Bangkok center. A wonderful oasis of calm and healing. You will have you own room, the place houses 7 bedrooms. There is the Omroom (healing space), common room, amazing outdoors with lots of nature and a saltwater pool. You will eat wonderful and tasty vegetarian food - though Henry will enjoy his ham ;) I was so fortunate to have company from 'the 4 elders' (I call them this because they truly are wise!). 

Wanee is a reconnective healing and connective tissue massage practitioner and a kind, intelligent, amazing woman with so much power in her healing. In our reconnective healing she passed on so much inner strength to me. She is the essence of kindness and she is forever my Fairy Godmother. 

RJ is a sound healing practitioner from the UK and his wonderful outlook upon the world and astounding mood and presence has been an inspiration for my change from the moment I met him. He is the most positive and yet realistic person I have ever met. His sound healing is very powerful both physical and emotional and we truly connected through this experience. 

Henry (Mutsumi's husband) is like the Elder of elders. He is very modest, humble, incredibly insightful and a wonderful companion. I could talk with him for hours just wanting to hear all he has to say. He is so easy-going and open to interpretations of the world. He is a palm reader and gave me my connection with water this way. If you ever come across The Quantum Mantra' he wrote that book! It is pretty cool. 

Mutsumi is in many ways the physical presence of Mother Earth! She knows it all and can heal like nobodies business. She is the collective of knowledge and an amazing guide through a spiritual journey. She is heartwarming, wise, motherly, healing, calm, powerful and all you could ever imagine. She will look upon you and just know by instinct what you need - she did for me and I changed because of it. 

I could write about this experience forever, but there are no words to fully comprehend what I have been through and what these amazing people can do! Just let go and trust in the power of these 4 elders!

22 October 2018

Catalina L


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Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 18.21.05.png

I have no words to describe how thankful I am for the time I spent at Villa du lac with Mutsumi and all the other amazing people I had the chance to meet there. The place is so beautiful and peaceful that made me feel better as soon as I got there.

Mutsumi is a very generous, caring, knowledgeable, intuitive and loving healer. She helped me and my brother in ways that I cannot express. I would recommend her memory therapy or whatever other treatment she can provide as I trust her 100%. We had both a private session and a group session and were amazed by how powerful they can be in their own way. If you are ever in Thailand and have a chance to see Mutsumi, you will not regret it. Thank you once again. I look forward to going back to Villa du lac. All the best!

July 2018

Lysiane F

Portland Oregan USA

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